Cafe World Red Carpet Refreshment Catering Order: Everything you need to know

Just in time for the Oscars this weekend, Zynga has released a new catering order in Cafe World entitled "Red Carpet Refreshment." This order asks you to cater a "glitzy, glamorous awards show banquet," which will require you to cook three different dishes, along with collecting three different items that will help you serve those dishes at this imaginary gala.

A new popcorn recipe is up for grabs if you can complete this order within the five day three-star time limit, along with tons of bragging rights you can take long into the future. If you're ready to take a stab at award show catering, meet us behind the break for a full look at what this catering order entails (hint: I hope you like fish).

For the cooking portion of this order, you'll need to cook three dishes: Sushi Spread (a 20 hour dish) 125 times, Creme Fraiche Caviar (a 30 minute dish) 60 times, and Tony's Classic Pizza (a five-hour dish) 30 times. As you can easily see, the Sushi Spread will cost the most heartache for users trying to complete this order, as it takes almost a day to cook, and you'll need to cook a whole heck of a lot of it to complete the task.

Luckily, you can bring 16 of your friends in on this mission with you, for a complete 17 person (including yourself) catering crew. While you're waiting for your dishes you cook, you can also go about the process of collecting the 20 extra items you need. You'll have to collect 10 Champagne Glasses, 5 Hor D'oeuvre Plates and 5 Napkin Holders by clicking on the "Ask" button next to a particular item and then sending individual gift requests to the neighbors that you think would be most likely to help you.

If you can complete all six of these steps within five days, you'll earn the 3-star rating, 12 Catering Points, 3,200 Cafe Points, 75,000 coins, and the Truffled Popcorn recipe. If it takes you longer than five days, but you still finish the order within a week, you'll earn 8 Catering Points, 2,300 Cafe Points, and 50,000 coins, but will miss out on the recipe. Finally, if you simply finish the order at all after the first week of accepting it, you'll earn the 1-star rating, 4 Catering Points, 1,400 Cafe Points, and 30,000 coins.

With this new catering order and the new movie-themed items in the game's store, Cafe World is definitely ready to celebrate film's biggest night this weekend. Are you?

Let us know what you think of this catering order in the comments. Is it too difficult? Not challenging enough? We'd love to know what you think!
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