Zuma Blitz player scores 1.4 million points with no powers

Sure, even 2 million points in Zuma Blitz is totally possible--when you have powers. YouTube user SLiangHsu posted a video today of his arduous and impressive achievement in PopCap's ball-blasting game. With no powers at all, he scored over 1.4 million points on this week's Crossroads board. How did he do it? Frankly, he shot the balls really fast. Well, extremely rapid and accurate gap shots helped too; not to mention hitting every Chrono Ball on the field. In fact, it appears as if the player intentionally wasted his Hot Frog shots just to show off. Cocky? Absolutely. Justified? You try to score a million points with just your wits (and your wrist).

[Via PopCap]

What's the highest score you've achieved in Zuma Blitz? Do you think you can beat this guy? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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