No More Picnic Baskets for You! Yogi Bear Gets Arrested

Yogi Bear Arrested Did Utah County Sheriffs make a boo boo? Apparently they take their parks and recreation services very seriously in the Beehive State -- or not. Sandwiched in between mugshots of suspects arrested for pot possession and vehicular infractions on the Utah County Sheriff's Office, Corrections Bureau website, is a mug of Yogi Bear, with a report that he was arrested at 9:22 am on Tuesday.

Yogi's crimes? He was detained on several counts, including fishing without a license and an immigration charge, not to mention thefts of pic-a-nic baskets. The Hanna-Barbera character was officially described as a Male, weighing 490 lbs., with pink eyes and black hair. His birthday is reported to be February of 1950, making him 61-years old, give or take a week or two. The report states that Yogi was born in Provo, Utah.

Although the report shows that Boo Boo's best buddy was released at 4:08:25 PM, the fact is that Yogi was never actually booked at all. The report was created as part of a training/testing exercise. How it got posted on the Sheriff's Office official website remains to be seen.

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