Lunchtime Poll: Should kids' social gaming behavior be chaperoned?

Kids on Facebook
Kids on Facebook

Media Chaperone, a Chicago-based web-monitoring company, has raised $1 million to help launch and fund Piggyback, its brand new Facebook app. VentureBeat reports that the new, free application is designed to allow parents to monitor their children's' behavior online with a heavy focus on social gaming and virtual goods purchases.

Through their own Facebook profiles, parents will know everything about their kids' progress in games like from achievements to level-ups to when they buy items and for how much. Sure, parents can reward them for good behavior with Facebook Credits, but we imagine they can punish them as well. While there have been horror stories of kids running amok on their parents' gaming devices and accounts, is this really the way to stop it? What happened to good old instillment of values? Is this the only insurance policy parents have left on their kids' Internet use?

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