Gyro Bowl Review: Never Spills? Yeah, Right

The Product: Gyro Bowl
The Price: Online offer: $14.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling
The Claims: Kid-proof snack bowl. It never spills!
Buy-O-Meter Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Gyro Bowl is a kids snack bowl that rocks and spins, yet claims that the Cheerios always stay in.

Not so, during my tests with real, live kids.

A couple of friends lent me their little ones to challenge this turquoise and orange, spinning and rocking contraption, which practically dares kids to send their snacks flying.

It worked best with Mia, an 18-month, pretty-in-pink girl who carefully slid Gyro Bowl off the table, daintily carried it around and lightly put it down on a chair. With that type of kid, Gyro Bowl worked perfectly: nothing spilled, but nothing gained either. I could have given Mia a paper cup filled with Cheerios, and she would have made sure nothing escaped.

Reece, on the other hand, is a 2-year-old boy, who loved swinging the Gyro Bowl around and watching his snack fly onto the floor and beyond. At times, Cheerios became wedged between the two bowls, disarming the "gyro" effect and preventing the lid from clogyro bowl review gyrobowlsing.

The Gyro Bowl never had a chance with 4-year-old Caden and his little trampoline. A few bounces debunked the bowl's "kid proof" claims. In fact, by the end of the morning, one of the tabs that holds the bowl inside the bowl broke off.

Say bye-bye to Gyro Bowl.

I know the days of eating food sitting at a table are gone. Even my son carried snacks with him everywhere: I'm still picking chips out of car cushions, and he's 14.

But why spend $25 (including shipping and handling) on a plastic bowl that gives kids -- unless you've got a Mia -- a false sense of security?

Gyro Bowl is fun to twirl and bang around. And if it weren't so big, I might fill it with paper clips and twirl it around during calls to my editor.

But it isn't foolproof -- if you know what I mean.

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