Finance Jobs on the Rise

Finance Jobs A whole layer of middle-management finance jobs that were decimated in 2008 and 2009 may be making a comeback. According to Jodi Chavez, senior vice president of Accounting Principals, a wholly-owned subsidiary of staffing firm Adecco, every major industry is in a better hiring position than in 2009.

What types of positions are rebounding?

The firm is seeing an uptick in positions such as accounting supervisors and managers and assistant controllers. The demand for these roles is growing in multiple industries including finance, high tech, engineering, the non-profit sector, and education. And while not growing at the same swift pace, even industries such as construction and manufacturing are experiencing a greater increase in open positions than they have been in the past three years. Health care, an industry that was somewhat less effected by the economic downturn, remains healthy and jobs are still being added there as well.

Where are the jobs?

Chavez has seen strong growth in finance roles in Northern California, New York, and New Jersey. Even Detroit has experienced some growth as the auto manufacturers have started to report strong quarters and the vendors that support them are beginning to hire. The Southeast is experiencing a slower recovery.

What are hiring manager's looking for?

Chavez notes that recruiters are looking for candidates that can prove longevity in a position and have minimal job hopping and employment gaps. If a candidate has gaps, she recommends that these gaps be explained. Employers understand that this has been a tough market, but it's best to explain the gap rather than keep the hiring manager guessing.

In addition, Chavez recommends considering short-term contracts since there is a growing trend in companies to hire temporary workers first and later offer them a full-time position rather than hire them full time directly. She also suggests that showing a willingness to relocate and being flexible with your salary requirements can help make you a more desirable candidate.

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