FarmVille Greenhouse Goals: Everything you need to know

Remember back in the latest FarmVille podcast, that we were told that the Greenhouse would soon have a new feature? Well, it seems that this new feature comes in the form of three new quests that are now available to complete in the game. Mostly, this quest set seems like a way to get users to actually use the feature, if they've found it to be too expensive or time consuming in the past.

The first quest is called Mixing it Up, and it will require you to complete just the first stage of construction on your Greenhouse, if you've chosen not to build one until now.

Complete 1 Greenhouse
Plant 50 Fire Peppers
Fertilize plots of neighbors' farms 25 times

Completing the first stage of the Greenhouse's construction takes just four each of Bricks, Wooden Boards, and Nails. Then, you can create Fire Peppers using Pepper and Jalapeno seeds. Of course, you'll have to wait the full three days for these crops to hybridize, if you choose not to ask your friends to help you speed up the process. Conversely, you could skip creating the seeds altogether and simply wait for your friends to do so and post free seeds to the news feed for you to claim, but this is of course a more risky endeavor (what if your friends never post any seeds?). Completing this first quest will earn you a set of basic prizes - 100 XP, 2500 coins, and 5 Fertilize Alls.

Meet us behind the break for a look at the next two missions.Part II is called "Farmer Under Glass" and asks you to harvest those Fire Peppers, so remember to finish the first quest first, in order to not have to plant another 50 Fire Peppers.

Harvest 50 Fire Peppers
Get 6 Grow Lights
Harvest Your Cows and Sheep 10 Times

By now, everyone should have at least 10 cows and sheep on their land, so we don't imagine this will be a very difficult task to complete. As for the Grow Lights, you'll need to click on the accompanying "Ask Friends" button to post a request for these items on your wall. We presume this will be the same as with other FarmVille quests, where you will receive a like item for helping.

For completing this quest, you'll earn 250 XP, 5,000 coins, and a White Treehouse decorative item.

Finally, the third and final part of this new Greenhouse mission series asks you to plant and harvest another hybrid crop, this time a flower.

Harvest 100 Lilac Daffy
Get 6 Sprinklers

Again, the item collection task will require you to ask your friends to send you the items necessary, while Lilac Daffy can be created in the Greenhouse using Lilac and Daffodil seeds. This is one of the prettiest crops in the game, in my very humble opinion, so I can't wait to have a field full of them on my farm.

Finishing this quest trio rewards you with 500 XP, 7,500 coins, and a Persian Cat.

And there you have it! A relatively simple (all things considered) quest set in FarmVille that many users may already have the seeds to complete right away.

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Are you one of those farmers? Have you already started or even completed some of these quests? Let us know what you think of them in the comments.
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