FarmVille Fairy Tale Animals: Princess Duck & Pegasus

After a long wait by many farmers, the mythical Pegasus creature is now available in FarmVille. So too has another animal been released this evening in the form of a Princess Duck, both of which are part of the current Fairy Tale limited edition theme of items.

As for the Pegasus, this item has been floating around for some time. It was thought that it would be released way back when the Agricultural Alchemy theme was launched back in late November / early December, but it has remained in hiding until now. Unfortunately, with all of the hype associated with the animal, it comes with a high price tag - 35 Farm Cash. For that price, you'll receive the winged horse which comes with the same stats as a regular horse - it can be harvested from once every three days. You'll receive 3500 experience points for purchasing it.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to have an animal on your farm that can match your in-game avatar, the Princess Duck might be the choice for you, as she is wearing what looks to be an identical outfit to that of the Princess outfit you can currently buy for your avatar. The Princess Duck is much cheaper than the Pegasus, at 16 Farm Cash. Still, that's a fairly high price, so make sure you like the looks of this animal before you invest in it. Once purchased, you'll be able to harvest the Princess Duck once every two days. You'll gain 1600 experience points for purchasing it.

Both of these limited edition animals will be available in the game for the next two weeks.

Have you been patiently waiting for Pegasus to finally fly into FarmVille? What do you think of its price now that it's finally available? Let us know what you think of both of these animals in the comments.