Title Town Racing on Facebook: Weird, there's racing in this game

Title Town Racing
Facebook games like Title Town Football aren't exactly known for their faithfulness to the sport and neither is Gas Works Games' next addition to the franchise with Title Town Racing. However, it is a whole lot of fun. Of course, Title Town Racing is all about building a racing empire and creating the best racing venue, but what makes this Facebook game enjoyable is that it actually has a racing feature. Title Town Racing, while some might see it as just another simulator, has learned from its predecessor's mistakes by paying tribute to the sport that inspired it with a mildly fun mini game.

Players assume the role of owner of an entire racing franchise at the beginning of the game. Their mission is to take this dodgy little dirt lot and turn it into the next Indy 500 track. There are several sections of the racing venue to upgrade like the track itself, the garage in which you upgrade and repair cars and your front office. It'll cost a helluva lot of coins to upgrade all of these functional buildings, which you'll accrue over time from several sources like vendors on your track to, well, racing.

Management is boring
Look, I could spend hundreds of words detailing the litany of features in Title Town Racing, many of which are admittedly complex and, frankly, boring. So instead, how about I tell you what impresses me? Gas Works Games has finally embraced and delivered on what many seek from a sports Facebook game: At least a sliver of the feeling you would find competing in the actual sport. You're bored of maintaining your racing franchise. Tracking things like new drivers, licenses and how many nacho stands are producing on your track can become snore-inducing after some time.

So, click on the button on the bottom right corner of your game screen that reads, "Race." What a novel concept for a game to include a feature that's mentioned in its name. The races in Title Town Racing are little more than tests of your timing abilities, but that's also a huge part of the real deal, I'd imagine. Choose a friend to race against (some NPCs are provided to you at first) and start the engine.

Racing is fun
You will have to click the green button at specific times relative to what's happening on the right side of the screen whether it be trying to make a turn or shift gears at just the right time. Click too early and you won't score as many points, but click too late and you won't get any at all. Click at just the right time and you be awarded maximum points. Once the run is over, this total will be sent as a challenge to your friend. Yes, this mini game is asynchronous like most social games, meaning that you aren't racing your friend in real time. Regardless, it is surprisingly rewarding to get those clicks just right.

In fact, it's far more rewarding than maintaining yet another business. This little racing game is a fine way to break the necessary monotony of running a racing franchise. Better yet, you can score coins and fans from it. If not for this, Title Town Racing would have just been a re-skinning of a game that already exists. While surely some will find the management aspect of the game and its smoothly animated menus a pleasure, most will undoubtedly prefer going to the daily races.

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