Stripper Leaves Kids Home Alone While She Works the Pole

Stripper Leaves Kids Home Child care is always an issue for working moms, but leaving four kids, ages 1, 5, 6 and 9 home alone while you're out working the pole is never a good idea. Tell that to Corinthian Williams, 24, of Riviera Beach, Florida, who was charged with four counts of child neglect. The state Department of Children & Families has taken custody of the children, according to an article in Florida's Sun Sentinel.

Just in case there was any question of Williams being an unfit mom, when the police came to the door to follow up on a neighbor's complaint, the five-year-old opened the door and lead them to the bedroom, where Williams held up the one-year-old and said, "take her. I don't wanna."

The baby reportedly had a soiled diaper, a runny nose and skin irritations. Meanwhile, the nine-year-old informed the police that mommy often brought work home. Male guests would often come over and the children were instructed to leave them alone while they were in the bedroom, behind closed and locked doors, with Williams.

The police were acting on a report from a caller who told them that Williams frequently beat her children, drank heavily and kept a "filthy" apartment full of trash, dirty clothes and used bottles and plates.

At least Williams was aware of her inferior parenting skills. She told the police that she needed help caring for her children, and had even thought about committing suicide. She was taken to the Columbia Hospital in West Palm Beach for mental evaluation, with substance abuse treatment likely to follow. Regaining custody of her children might not be an option either.

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