Lunchtime Poll: How do you use the CityVille Visitor's Center?

Visitor's Center
CityVille recently received the Visitor's Center, its first Active Building, something that Zynga says might inspire future buildings. The Visitor's Center allows users to post messages to potential neighbors paying them a visit. It's a blank canvas that mayors can use to put out any message they wish. This new feature inspired forum user helenac to ask, "How do you use the Visitor's Center?" Many players responded with practical uses like informing visitors of what crops they would harvested or businesses tended to. Others put open call-outs for the types of Franchises they're looking to include in their cities. But this feature has much more potential than that, don't you think? This is exactly why we ask you:

Have any particularly creative uses of the Visitor's Center? Share them in the comments. Add Comment.
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