Now Hiring: UnitedHealth Group Has Hundreds of Openings

UnitedHealth Group Hiring Everyone knows that that health care industry is one of the few areas that has been consistently hiring despite the ups and downs facing the rest of the economy. But many people forget that you don't have to be a doctor, nurse, or a licensed health care technician to work in the industry.

UnitedHealth Group, for example has openings for jobs in information technology, accounting, marketing, human resources, insurance, communication, and a plethora of other positions that are not patient-care specific.

At the moment, UnitedHealth Group has about 790 openings across the country according to figures on According to UnitedHealth Group's website, they have offices in all 50 states and 33 countries, but the majority of the openings are in states such as Minnesota, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Texas and New Jersey. There are also openings for jobs that involve telecommuting.

According to CareerBuilder, the company has about 304 open jobs in information technology, 296 actual health care jobs, 254 management jobs, 115 openings for consultants, and 94 insurancerelated jobs that need to be filled. There are also opportunities for college internships and numerous opportunities for those without college degrees, in maintenance, service and other related areas.

UnitedHealth Group is not just Fortune 500 Company -- it made the Fortune 25! According to their corporate website, the benefits of working for UnitedHealth Group include health insurance, a 401(k) Plan, a stock purchase plan, vacation time, sick leave, etc. The company even offers tuition reimbursement, and an adoption assistance program.

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