Now Hiring: Microsoft Adding Thousands

microsoft hiring It's a great time for techies. First Google announces they're hiring 6,000, and now Microsoft says they want to add an additional 2,400 software engineer and research positions by the end of the year, according to a recent post on Those jobs will be located all over the world, and will be filled as soon as they can find suitable candidates.

Specifically, Nina Johal, Microsoft's worldwide HR staffing director in charge of its online services division, told FINS' Sindhu Sundar: "We're planning to bring on software developers and testers, basically people who can code in C, C++, C Sharp. For our gaming, and interactive entertainment areas, we need people with experience in web technologies like xhtml, javascript, xml, -- people with that real technical depth."

If all that sounds foreign to you, it doesn't mean you shouldn't apply. Microsoft is also hiring people to help them recruit top candidates to fill those positions, which involves human resources, search and support personnel.

In addition, Microsoft is also hiring people to help promote their products such as the Xbox 360 platform, Windows Phone, Windows and Windows live. Employees are also needed to service their joint partnership with Nokia, announced a few weeks ago. Microsoft will help develop Nokia's mobile and search services.

A quick visit to the Microsoft website reveals that there are also openings for operations and management personnel -- even jobs in Microsoft retail stores, in locations like Houston, Los Angeles, New Jersey, the Mall of America, Seattle, Fayette, Chicago, Rochester and San Diego. You can search their corporate website for openings by position or location. Cloud computing is another high tech area that's taking off, and there are many openings in that field as well.

To get noticed among the thousands of people applying, it starts with the resume, Johal told Sundar. "Having a very succinct resume is important. You should have a summary of key skills and attributes listed in a way that's easy for employers to see what that candidate brings to the table."

Once called in for an interview, Johal says it's important to show passion for the position, and to have done demonstrable research on the Microsoft.

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