Nightclub City Rivals: Social rhythm/music game drops on iPhone, Android soon

nightclub city rivals
nightclub city rivals

Last week, we first heard word that Booyah -- the creators of Facebook game Nightclub City -- were hard at work on a mobile game spin-off called Nightclub City Rivals. Then, all we had was a teaser trailer that showed two cartoon DJs battling on the 1s and 2s.

Now we gathered a few more details on this upcoming music game, and I have to say, this game sounds like a socialized (and more fully realized) version of DJ Hero, an anemic mobile game based on the popular video game series with the same name.

Below are a few more nuggets of info on Nightclub City Rivals:

- Rivals is a rhythm-based role-playing game, where you take on the role of an up-and-coming DJ who goes head-to-head against other DJs, tapping, fading and scratching music tracks to increase their reputation and earn in-game cash which can be used to unlock new items and abilities.

- Once your DJ faces off against rivals, they will take on a series of tougher boss battles.

- Game's multiplayer mode will use GPS and allow players to check into real-world locations to battle other players. Once you check-in, you can become the House DJ (which is kind of like a Foursquare Mayor) and collect rent from other players who also check into the same spots.