Bank of America Customers Hit With Yet Another New Fee

Bank of America building
Bank of America building

Bank of America is now assessing fees to checking account holders who receive images of their canceled checks in the mail along with their statements.

Bank of America spokesman Don Vecchiarello says inserts were included with customers' statements back in September alerting them that the change would be coming, but it seems that some customers were still caught unawares, if the venting on Twitter is any indication.

"It doesn't affect the majority of our customers," Bank of America's Vecchiarello tells WalletPop. If you are one of those affected and you don't want to pay the fee, you can still see images of your canceled checks online for 180 days. Vecchiarello says customers can also enroll in Bank of America's "Check Safekeeping" program, which archives check images for seven years (you can see two free images a month; after that, it's $3 a pop).

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