FrontierVille Howls on the Horizon Goals: Everything you need to know


Earlier today, we brought you the news that chickens will soon be at risk in FrontierVille from an onslaught of Coyotes in the game. Apparently, coyote sightings are on a sharp incline of late, and you'll need to be prepared in order to fight off the expected horde. Luckily, you can not only now store chickens inside the Chicken Coop to protect them, but you can also complete a duo of new missions (called Howls on the Horizon) to help prepare yourself, your chickens, and your land even further.

The first mission is called Trouble in Them Thar Hills, and it has you altering the townspeople by hanging up posters, showing us what a Coyote will look like in the game.

Have or Collect Ten Coyote Posters
Harvest 50 Corn
Tend Ten Chickens

The Coyote Posters are earned by posting a general request to your wall, that your friends can click on to earn a Coyote Poster for themselves in exchange. Corn, meanwhile can be harvested after 12 hours, or, remember, you can have your friends come over and water the Corn for it to count as harvests when you accept their help. For finishing this quest, you'll receive 50 XP and 1 Canvas item, which is part of the Flax Collection.

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