FrontierVille: Coyotes are coming - Protect your chickens with Chicken Coop storage

frontierville coyote chicken coop expansion

Oh no! Did you hear that?! I think that might be the howl of a Coyote I hear over yonder in FrontierVille! We have to save the chickens! What do we do?! Luckily, Zynga has come up with the proper solution, as they have released the ability to now store Chickens inside the Chicken Coop. While this is something that FarmVille has allowed for some time now, FrontierVille is just now adding the ability, so that you can protect your poor chickens from ending up as a Coyote's dinner.
By default, each Chicken Coop you own can hold and protect just 10 adult (they must be fully grown) chickens. You'll be able to add chickens to your Coop(s) by simply choosing the Move tool and then moving your chickens onto the Chicken Coop to store them. If you'd like to protect more than 10 Chickens, you can do so by upgrading your Chicken Coop to hold more chickens, with each new level offering a different amount of storage, up to the maximum of 100 chickens.

When you click on the Chicken Coop, you'll see a whole host of new options, including the ability to look at all of the chickens inside, or simply feed chickens, but you'll also see the "Upgrade" button, which shows you the menu below. If you've been saving up Hammers, Nails, Bricks, Hand Drills, and Paint Buckets, you'll be able to put those items to good use, as you'll need 15 of each, along with 15 of the new Chicken Wire item, to upgrade your Chicken Coop.

Chicken Wire is earned by posting a general request to your news feed, where friends can receive a Chicken Wire in exchange for sending you one. Your first expansion will turn your basic Chicken Coop into one that holds 25 chickens. You can upgrade three more times, adding 25 slots each time, until you reach the total of 100. You can either hover over your Chicken Coop to see how many chickens you currently have stored, or simply keep an eye on the weather vane on top, as it will fill with color as you fill your Chicken Coop to capacity.

If you'd like to feed the chickens inside your Chicken Coop, you can still do so, at a cost of one energy per one chicken fed.

To be clear, this idea of "protecting chickens" seem to be a very real concern in the game, as Coyotes are coming to the land in FrontierVille, and they apparently will run off with your chickens if they are not protected. We haven't received exact details as to what will happen to unprotected chickens (we shutter to think), but do you really want to be the one who finds out because they didn't protect them?

Let us know what you think of this chicken storage upgrade in the comments. Will you try to upgrade your Chicken Coop to hold 100 chickens, or will you just build more individual coops and forget upgrading?
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