Firefox slowing FarmVille, Facebook games down? Try this quick fix

Angry FarmVille
Facebook games are notorious for running like absolute junk at times. (I'm looking at you, FrontierVille.) Thankfully, our friends at Download Squad have found a potential fix to the problem with the help of Lifehacker. Well, at least while running the games in Firefox. According to Download Squad, Firefox takes a snapshot of all the browser tabs you have open every ten seconds so that in the event of a crash, or accidentally closing the browser, your tabs will be restored. Oddly enough, this is actually pretty taxing on Firefox's resources, and harvesting your 10 thousand strawberries in FarmVille doesn't help.

But you can alleviate the problem without shutting off this useful feature entirely--just change how often it saves your tabs. Here's the way to do it from Switched:
To do this, type about:config into Firefox's address bar, then in the filter box enter browser.sessionstore.interval. The default value is 10000, which is the number of milliseconds between snapshots. Setting the number to 120000 lengthens the period to two minutes, a more reasonable but still useful period. Of course, you can set it to whatever you want, as long as you keep in mind that you're dealing with milliseconds.
In other words, just change the number and Firefox should be able to handle intense games like Zuma Blitz even better than before. However, this only works for games that were created in Flash. If you're having trouble running a game like PGA Tour on Facebook, that might be an issue with your video card's age considering it runs on a 3D engine. In the event that your computer can't run a 3D browser game, I'd say it's time for an upgrade.

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