Cafe World Pizza Oven Goals: Everything you need to know


As we told you earlier today, Zynga has launched a new appliance of sorts in Cafe World in the form of a Pizza Oven. While the Pizza Oven can be constructed via the help of friends, these accompanying seven quests can be started on your own, giving you something to do while you wait for your friends to send you the parts you need for the Oven's construction.

The first step in the Pizza Oven goal series is called "Pie in the Sky" and it asks you to accept your free base to the Pizza Oven, along with cooking a few random dishes.

Place Your Pizza Oven
Serve 3 Cheeseburgers
Serve 3 Clubhouse Sandwiches

This set of tasks is interesting. On the one hand, you'll be able to finish the first two tasks within a matter of five or six minutes, as that's how long the [Bacon] Cheeseburgers take to cook. On the other hand, Clubhouse Sandwiches take 18 hours to cook, so unless you have some servings stocked up in your Gift Box, ready to serve (which does count as part of the requirement), or spices you're willing to use to prepare those Sandwiches, your progress will be slowed for the better part of a day.

Either way, we're told that these missions could allow us the chance to "add your own pizza recipe to Cafe World," so meet us behind the break for the details on how to complete the rest of them.

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