Cafe World Pizza Oven Goals: Everything you need to know

As we told you earlier today, Zynga has launched a new appliance of sorts in Cafe World in the form of a Pizza Oven. While the Pizza Oven can be constructed via the help of friends, these accompanying seven quests can be started on your own, giving you something to do while you wait for your friends to send you the parts you need for the Oven's construction.

The first step in the Pizza Oven goal series is called "Pie in the Sky" and it asks you to accept your free base to the Pizza Oven, along with cooking a few random dishes.

Place Your Pizza Oven
Serve 3 Cheeseburgers
Serve 3 Clubhouse Sandwiches

This set of tasks is interesting. On the one hand, you'll be able to finish the first two tasks within a matter of five or six minutes, as that's how long the [Bacon] Cheeseburgers take to cook. On the other hand, Clubhouse Sandwiches take 18 hours to cook, so unless you have some servings stocked up in your Gift Box, ready to serve (which does count as part of the requirement), or spices you're willing to use to prepare those Sandwiches, your progress will be slowed for the better part of a day.

Either way, we're told that these missions could allow us the chance to "add your own pizza recipe to Cafe World," so meet us behind the break for the details on how to complete the rest of them.Moving on, Part II of VII asks you to complete the construction on your Pizza Oven, and collect a few items (emphasis on few).

Complete the Pizza Oven
Collect 3 Cups of All-Purpose Flour
Spice 3 Neighbors' Stoves

Some simple tasks, all things considered, as most users would work to complete the Pizza Oven as quickly as possible anyway, just to have it off of their to-do list. To learn more about building the Pizza Oven, make sure to check out our complete guide.

Part III of VII moves onto something a bit more complicated, as you must put your new Pizza Oven to good use by cooking your first new dish.

Get 5 Party Hats
Cook Pizza Margherita 5 Times
Serve Ginger Ale 15 Times

Remember the Drink Bar? I hope you've already built it in your cafe, as you'll need to use the Drink Bar to serve the Ginger Ale. Luckily, it's found under the Basics category, costing 22 Energy to serve. You'll only prepare 6 servings of the drink each time you spend the energy, so you'll need to do this three times to meet the overall requirement. Meanwhile, Pizza Margherita [sic] is available to cook for 1300 coins, and is ready to serve after just 30 minutes. You'll earn 175 servings that can be sold for 10 coins each, for a return of 1750 coins. This definitely isn't the most profitable recipe, make no mistake.

This is unfortunate, as you'll have to spend more money cooking Pizza Margherita in Part IV of VII.

Cook Pizza Margherita 2 Times
Collect 5 Tomatoes
Collect 8 Sausages

It's in this step that we really start getting into the new recipes in the game, as this mission will unlock the Sausage Deep Dish Pizza in your game, which can be cooked at a cost of 1000 coins. You'll need to send individual requests to your friends to gain the 13 necessary ingredients though, so this particular mission might take you some time.

Moving on, Part V of VII sees you cooking this new recipe in your Pizza Oven, along with collecting more ingredients to unlock your third new dish so far.

Cook Sausage Deep Dish Pizza 5 Times
Collect 5 Tomatoes
Collect 10 Sticks of Pepperoni

If you haven't guessed by the requirements, your recipe rewarded at the end of this mission is the Pepperoni Pizza, which can be cooked for 1500 coins. With this mission, as with all others, keep a special eye on the wording of the cooking requirements. Since (as of this writing) the mission only says "cook" the pizza, you could, presumably, simply set the pizzas to cooking in your Pizza Oven, throw them away, and then cook them immediately thereafter to more quickly complete the task. This has worked in the past, but we haven't been able to confirm that this strategy works in this mission series yet.

Either way, once you've made it to Part VI of VII, you'll almost be at the finale, but not before passing what can easily be called a "filler" mission.

Cook Pepperoni Pizza 5 Times
Cook Sausage Deep Dish Pizza 5 Times
Cook Pizza Margherita 5 Times

Those 15 pizzas served, you'll be able to move onto the final mission in this quest, which will unlock one final recipe in your game upon completion.

Part VII of VII asks you to collect the ingredients necessary to unlock this final dish, along with cooking some more pizza in your cafe for good measure.

Collect 12 Sausages
Collect 12 Mozzarellas
Cook Sausage Deep Dish Pizza 5 Times

Your final pizza reward, and in fact the final reward for this entire mission set is the Meat Craver's Pizza, which also happens to be tied with the Pepperoni Pizza for the most expensive new dish, at 1500 coins to cook.

Will these Pizza Oven goals just be the first release of multiple? In the past, we've seen Zynga release two sets of goals released for a similar item, the Deep Fryer, so it's possible that this may just be the first set of goals and recipes released for the Pizza Oven. If and when more missions / recipes are added, we'll make sure to let you know, so keep checking back.

What do you think of these Pizza Oven goals? All things considered, are they too difficult to pass, or do they provide just the right amount of challenge? Let us know in the comments.
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