Cafe World Pizza Oven: Everything you need to know

If you've still got some space left in your cafe for new appliances, Zynga has launched another new piece of "machinery/cookware" in Cafe World this week, in the form of a traditional brick Pizza Oven. Of course, you won't be able to simply buy one of these Pizza Ovens for coins - you'll need to build one in your cafe, with a little help (ok, a lot of help) from friends. Once you do this, you'll be able to interact with a new in-game character named Chef Piero, who will share with you his famous pizza recipes that you can cook for your customers in your own cafe.

The Pizza Oven requires you to collect four different building materials: 2 Pizza Peels, 3 Cooking Racks, 10 Pizza Platters, and 10 Pizza Hickory Logs. The quicker you can build this item, the quicker you can start cooking all sorts of new dishes for your cafe, so meet us behind the break for the details on how to get it done.
To collect any of these items, you'll need to click on the "Ask for More" button for the item you'd like, and then send individual gift requests to your Cafe World neighbors, asking them to send you that item. Again, this is currently the case for all four of these ingredients, making the weird number requirements on the Pizza Peels and Cooking Racks just that - weird. Normally, this is the time when I tell you that the reason you have to collect so few of these items is because you have to have new, non-game-playing friends send them to you, but after sending requests out to current players, that simply doesn't seem to be the case (not that I'm complaining, mind you).

As usual, if you're having difficulty sending out requests to your neighbors, even those that you know you've not sent a request to today, keep in mind that most new activities are so popular with players that Zynga experiences technical issues on their end when sending out ingredient requests. Our suggestion would be to come back later and try again, or to just keep refreshing and hoping to get lucky.

Chef Piero will apparently be dropping by our cafes sometime in the future, so once you finish this Pizza Oven, you'll be able to serve him up a slice of pizza worthy of such a master chef. The Pizza Oven works similarly to the Deep Fryer, in that you'll only be able to cook pizza dishes in the Pizza Oven (obviously), and those pizza dishes (Pizza Margherita, Sausage Deep Dish Pizza, etc.) can only be cooked inside the Pizza Oven, and not on a regular stove.

To go along with the release of the Pizza Oven, there is also a new seven part quest set available to complete, which will allow you unlock more new recipes that are exclusive to the Pizza Oven. We'll make sure to bring that quest guide to you very, very soon.Check out our complete guide to this quest set right here.

What do you think of the Pizza Oven in Cafe World? Are you running out of room for "appliances" in your cafe, or do you welcome a new building project? Let us know in the comments.
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