Amazon Prime Now Competing With Netflix

a couple looking into dueling laptops - Amazon PrimeAmazon Prime just got a bit more premium. The program just added unlimited streaming entertainment content from Amazon's library of approximately 5,000 titles. Amazon Prime lets members receive free two-day shipping on all orders for a $79 annual fee. Now members can add streaming content to the benefits, included in the base membership price.It's a move to compete directly with Netflix, which offers streaming content for $7.99 a month and charges $2 more to include DVDs sent through the mail via it's original service. Netflix's streaming content can be viewed on mobile devices, computers or TV via an internet-enabled game platform like the Wii, PS3 or Xbox.

Netflix can claim 20 million subscribers and nearly three times the number of titles than Amazon's new service, but a good many of the ones available for instant viewing are the same. Amazon's entry into the market isn't likely to displace Netflix, certainly not right away, but it should give the market leader a run for its money. Especially since Amazon's selection will only expand, and quickly, is being offered initially as a perk to members of its fast shipping service, and right now costs less annually than Netflix streaming: $79 vs. $95.88

Both offer one month trial offers that can be canceled at any time, making it pretty economical to try out each and see for yourself.
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