You Think You Get Weird Requests at Your Job? Try Being a Dentist

dentist request Anyone who deals with the public on a regular basis is bound to get some weird requests, but the things that come out of people's mouths about their teeth can seem particularly strange. Lately, prosthetic fangs, gold "grills" and tooth tattoos have become commonplace. It's the more unusual ones that give dentists cause for professional pause.

In advance of their annual mid-winter meeting, the Chicago Dental Society surveyed more than 300 members to find out the strangest dental requests they'd ever received from patients. (Don't go getting any ideas now.) Here they are, in descending order:

10. "Can you extract my tooth without anesthesia?"

9. "Please wire my mouth shut to aid in my diet."

8. "Can you ID this set of dentures left in the bathroom of the bar I work at?"

7. "I will pay you or your hygienist to floss my teeth at my office every day."

6. "Pull all my teeth, and just give me dentures."

5. "I just broke off my engagement. Can you prepare my tooth so that I can keep the diamond in it?"

4. "Will you give me local anesthesia in my lips? I'm going in for permanent "lipstick" tattoos on my lips, and would like to avoid the pain."

3. "May I have an emergency cleaning visit? It's my high school reunion and I need a bright, white smile to face my old boyfriend."

2. "Can I keep the teeth you pull out of my mouth? I'd like to make a necklace out of them."

And the No. 1 strangest request a dentist ever received:

1. "Can you give my dog braces?"


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