What to Splurge on this Spring Break

spring break


Even if you're stretching your wallet a bit thin on your spring break trip, there are some things that are totally worth the splurge.

Learn a Lesson
If you want to take more home than a tan and a maybe a bottle of local rum, learn a skill. See if your Caribbean resort offers cooking lessons so you can make that delicious fish curry you had for dinner last night for friends back home (and make them super jealous). Or if you are on Hawaii or the East Coast of Florida, it's finally time to try surfing. Drop a bit of extra cash for an instructor to help you learn the ins and outs. Small group lessons are usually affordable (and include equipment rental) while individual lessons are a bit more of a splurge.

Take the Plunge
Lots of beaches have some good snorkeling not far from the shore, where schools of fish crowd around small reefs. But if you really want to see what the waters have to offer, book a boat trip. You'll be taken to hidden caves, enormous reefs and shallow wrecks that are teeming with tropical fish. You may even spy turtles, stingrays, or possibly some sharks (be sure to bring a waterproof camera). If you are hoping to scuba dive, it's best to get certification ahead of your trip since there probably won't be time during the week.

Pimp Your Ride
Renting a car? Don't skimp on the accessories. Spend the additional $10 a day or so for a GPS and save your co-pilot the annoyance of burying his or her face in the map and missing the beautiful scenery. Plus it cuts down on fights over whether you should have taken that last left or not. And even though most rental cars come equipped with iPod docs these days, why not splurge on satellite radio? You'll never be sick of the music, no matter how big your iTunes catalogue is.

Take a Tour
Group tours get a bad rep, but there really is no better way to go beyond the guidebook info. Tour an 18th-century fort and find out about epic battles that occurred on the beach you were just sun tanning on, get up close and personal with the wildlife that resides in the rainforest, or go backstage at Disney with one of their behind-the-scenes tours. Another added perk – you usually skip all the lines and get insider access not usually open to the general public.

Or Just Relax
Making time for yourself is the greatest luxury. And where better to spend that time than in the spa. Nothing says relaxation like a massage (followed by a nap). Your resort may even offer in-room massages for a few extra dollars. What's more indulgent than having your massage brought directly to you?

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