Spring's Coming (Seriously) And So Are Spring Scams

spring scams aarp consumerEvery change of season brings with it a new set of scams. And even for those still in a deep freeze, spring is on its way ... and so are the spring scams that are sure to follow.

AARP is warning consumers about the scams of spring you can expect to see:
  • Door-to-door solicitors
  • Home improvement scams
  • Travel scams
  • Identity thieves using phony rentals as lures
The primer on springtime scams also flags those using parking as the ruse.

Some examples:
  • Phony parking tickets
  • Illegitimate parking lots near events
  • Being approached by random people when your car fails to start
Consumer Ally is now working with AARP, one of the largest membership organizations in the nation, to help warn consumers about scams and fraud. AARP makes a significant effort to inform its membership about threats to their wallets in its AARP Bulletin and online at AARP.org.

AARP's warnings can be a help to most consumers, regardless of whether they are older than 50.

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