Rent Five DVDs for $2 Through Groupon

Blockbuster DVD rental kiosk
Blockbuster DVD rental kiosk

There is a hot Groupon deal right now to rent five DVDs from Blockbuster Express for just $2. That's a cool 60% off movie rentals. Buy the voucher and redeem it at thousands of movie kiosks across the country. This deal is not limited to folks in Texas, though it does end Feb. 22, 2011.

There are catches, but they are all pretty reasonable. The Groupon is for five one-night rentals; if you keep the movies longer than one night, you'll pay $1 per night per DVD plus tax. You have to redeem the Groupon by May 1, 2013. One per person, though you can buy extras as gifts. The Groupon is not valid on Blu-ray or Hot List titles.

One nice thing about Blockbuster Express is that you can return a movie rental to any location. You don't need an account with Blockbuster, but you will need a credit or debit card.

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