Las Vegas Mob Experience Takes Visitors to Gangland

Next time you visit Las Vegas, you may want to schedule a side trip to gangland: A new exhibit depicting the rise and fall of organized crime in Sin City is set to open at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino next month.

The Las Vegas Mob Experience includes over 1,000 authentic artifacts related to the mafia, such as cars belonging to Bugsy Siegal, Meyer Landky's diary, and a collection of never-before-seen photographs donated or lent from family members of the mobsters.

But the show isn't just a collection of artifacts kept behind glass. Crime, Inc., the organizers behind the exhibition, are promising an air of intrigue, mystery and suspense constructed through a theatrical setting and interactive displays designed by former Disney "Imagineers."

Another highlight of the experience is sure to be the video footage, in which descendants of mobsters will give first-person accounts of mob-related stories from their family history.

"The Las Vegas Mob Experience neither glorifies nor vilifies the Mob, it simply presents a historically accurate view of what guests will decide are either a group of ruthless gangsters or ordinary individuals who lived extraordinary lives," explains Crime, Inc.

Actors who have played famous mob-related roles -- such James Caan, Mickey Rourke and Frank Vincent -- have also lent their voice for commentary on videos.

The Las Vegas Mob experience is scheduled to open to the public March 1. Ticket prices have not yet been announced.

Down the strip, the Las Vegas Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement -- also known as the "Mob Museum" -- is being constructed in a historic building that was used for mob-related court hearings during the 1950s. The Mob Museum is expected to open in December 2011.

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