Husband of 20 years is 'Fed Up with a FarmVille Fanatic'

FarmVille addiction
FarmVille addiction

Social games can get pretty romantic, help you find true love, and embolden people into forming relationships. Moreover, our partner site, is run by the lovely couple Angela & Michael Morales. But one man (who's probably had a terrible Valentine's Day) is learning what's it like to be married to a FarmVille addict. Yesterday, 'Fed Up with a Farmville Fanatic' sought advice from the Annie's Mailbox advice column for help with his wife's ceaseless FarmVille gaming.

His letter started off innocently enough, where his wife would choose to go online instead spending her usual evenings with him or the television. Later on, it gets worse, where 'Fed Up' claims that their "house is a disaster", his wife is too distracted to help out with chores, and he has taken matters into his own hands to get the game to stop working on his wife's computer. But instead of using the downtime as an excuse to stop playing, his wife used every means to get the game running again. The one line that indicates that his wife may have a problem is that "In a single day, she spent eight hours on this site. I've caught her online at 3 a.m."

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