FrontierVille Buildin' a Snow Fort Timed Goal now available


A week ago, we gave you the heads-up that a new timed mission would be coming to FrontierVille in the form of the "Buildin' a Snow Fort" Timed Goal. If you used our guide to stock up on Adult Sheep, save some debris or even stock up on extra FrontierVille neighbors, you'll be happy that you did, as the mission has officially been launched in the game today.

As a reminder of the three tasks required:

Clear 25 Debris from Your Homestead
Sell 20 Adult Sheep
Get 5 Snowballs from Your Friends

The Snowballs are earned via a general wall post, that is set up as a "give one, get one" scenario - your friends will receive a free Snowball for their own game when helping you, so we think you'll have no problem gathering the help of friends on this one.

For the complete details on this mission, make sure to check out our guide. Note that the Snowball requirement has been changed from needing ten Snowballs to just five, making this step even easier.

Do you think you'll be able to finish this mission in time required? Let us know in the comments.