FrontierVille: 37 x 37 land expansion coming March 1?

At the beginning of February, Zynga launched the 35 x 35 Land Expansion in FrontierVille. Along with that, all of the supposed details concerning the 37 x 37 Land Expansion were released as well, but the expansion itself was never made available to players, even those who had finished expanding to 35 x 35. So, when exactly will users be able to expand again?

Up until now, it's been anyone's guess, but we've come to learn that, according to FrontierVille Legend, the 37 x 37 Land Expansion will be made available on March 1. This seems to be more fact than fiction, as even the official FrontierVille forums users have decided upon that date as the release date. Is it 100% factual? Of course nothing can be known for certain until Zynga officially announces a date, and details are always changing up until the release of new features. It does get us to thinking, though...

If you believe the 37 x 37 Land Expansion will release on March 1, then make sure to check out our guide to the mission goals to complete the expansion, and start saving up on the required materials therein (lots of Pigs, Cacti, Groundhogs, Fire, Grass, and so on, all need to be tended, removed, crafted and more). If the details remain unchanged, this looks like it will be an even more difficult set of missions to complete than when we expanded to 35 x 35, so it never hurts to save up items either way, even if the land expansion turns out to be released a bit after the expected date.

Let us know what you think of this rumor in the comments. Are you saving up cacti or grass on your farm to complete these missions more easily?