FarmVille Rumor Mill: Posts about locked Dairy Barns / Stables are fake

While this might not fall into the category of a FarmVille scam, it is something to take note of all the same. Over the past few days, a new nasty rumor has been spreading to the status updates of many concerned FarmVille players, with the post warning against Dairy Barn and Horse Stable "stuffing." Stuffing, in this case, is the common term for the infinite breeding tips we've brought you in the past - the fact that you can place a ready Cow or Horse into an "unready" Dairy Barn or Horse Stable, and transfer that ready status to the entire building.

The Status Update looks something like this:

WARNING FV BREEDERS and Dairy Barn Stuffers: Zynga has decided these actions are a breach of the TOS despite the fact that the programming has allowed it, and are locking stables and dairys of players doing it. 1srt time 24 hours. 2nd time 3 days. 3rd time possible game and/or FB account removal. This will l...eave many of us with nothing to do.---- PLEASE REPOST THIS!!!!!!

Of course, as with any rumor, this issue was quickly brought to the official FarmVille forums, where moderators and community managers have jumped onto the rumor as being simply that. As "ItchieEye Sam" states, for instance, "This is a nasty rumor and not true at all."

I think that's one thing we can all be relieved about.

[Image Credit: Zynga Forums]

Do you practice these "stuffing" methods? Did you stop "stuffing" because you saw these status updates on your news feed? Let us know in the comments.