FarmVille: Could the English Countryside launch at the beginning of March?


While browsing the FarmVille forums this afternoon, I came across a new post from Community Manager "Stumpgrinder" that caught my attention. The thread is called "FarmVille English Countryside Questions," and it asks users to post any and all questions they may have concerning the upcoming English Countryside in FarmVille to the thread, so that the FarmVille team may answer them.

Via this question and answer (mostly question) session, the FarmVille team will pick the very best questions to answer, with those answers being published the week of February 28. Questions, then, must be received by February 28 for consideration. Is this date purely a coincidence, or does it coincide with the week of the English Countryside's release in the game? After all, what better way to hype your players up for such a large expansion (new crops, a second farm, new NPCs, etc.) than to publish some new tidbits about the expansion via these questions - get players back into playing the game regularly, and then release the expansion to the masses!

Of course, there is a second, darker possibility to this event - that being that Zynga is looking for a way to postpone the release for as long as possible, and are using this Q&A session as a way to keep excitement high, but we're really hoping its the former.

While we can speculate all day, we'd like to know what you think about this new development. Does February 28 mark the week of the English Countryside's release, or do you think we'll have to wait much longer than that? Let us know in the comments!