Derek Jeter Mansion: Is Hank Steinbrenner Right?

derek jeter mansion
derek jeter mansion

Derek Jeter's mansion, in Tampa, Fla., is making headlines almost as big as the star shortstop usually does. On Monday, New York Yankees owner Hank Steinbrenner responded to a reporter's question about why his baseball team failed to go the distance last season by saying, "Too busy building mansions?"

The comment was widely interpreted as a dig at Jeter, who just completed work on his 30,875-square-foot, 7-bedroom, 9-bathroom estate, dubbed "St. Jetersburg" by the locals. AOL Real Estate reported on the mammoth residence earlier this month, and wondered whether it was a tax shelter.

Of course, Steinbrenner may have been referring to other Yankees as well, many of whom own super-sized homes. On Steinbrenner apologized on Tuesday, saying his comment was just a poorly phrased euphemism. Nonetheless, the New York Post declared in bold block letters: "YANK BOSS: WE LOST OVER JETER MANSION."

While Jeter has contributed more than his share to the Bronx Bombers over the last decade -- both in onfield performance and team spirit -- that ginormous mansion sure does look like it could weigh on a guy.

Check out photos of Jeter's home below.