Zynga teases new CityVille Factories, Active Buildings and more

Visitor Center
In a recent community outreach post on the CityVille forums, Zynga community manager Mayor Max hinted at several features that are en route to the city-builder. Apparently Zynga is quite pleased with its work on the Visitor's Center and claims that more "Active Buildings" are coming to CityVille. Our guess is that we'll be seeing more buildings that more functions than providing coins and XP. Again, the company teases Factories and says they will be "zero-emission" and produce ... something.

Well, let's just hope it's more than just Goods production, because that would be pretty boring. Retail-themed quests, buildings and decorations are on the way, but don't we already have plenty of those? Let's hope Zynga thinking of something like, say, a mall? In addition to their never-ending quest to stamp out every little bug and glitch, the CityVille team explains a few recent changes.

The increase to Expansion costs is said to be for gameplay balance, but weren't they already expensive with little return? This will make expansions even more difficult to obtain and less rewarding, a baffling change if you ask me. Money has never been an issue for the mayoral pros, but it's the small return on expansions that scared many away. I'm not sure what balance this will bring, but we'll see soon enough.

On a lighter note, players will soon be able to rename their Businesses and Cities, according to Mayor Max. Zynga hints at two exciting features. Soon, we'll be able to create a bridge over that river to the southeast, expanding our cities even further. Finally, a big change is on the way for Franchises. We're not sure what needs to be changed, but you should be excited nonetheless.

Which of these changes or features would you like to see first? What would you like to see in CityVille that wasn't mentioned? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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