Wishful Features: Quick Item Storage in FarmVille

As we recently transitioned from celebrating Valentine's Day in FarmVille to celebrating St. Patrick's Day (or Fairy Tales, if you prefer), I was instantly hit by a need for a new feature in FarmVille, that would make my job of clearing out old decorations (putting them into Storage) to bring out the next holiday's items so much easier. That feature would be the addition of a quick item storage button.

In the past, Zynga added the option for quick item deleting or selling in the game, as a Recycling Tool was added to the main arrow menu. Using this tool, you can click on item after item, in very rapid succession, selling those items and receiving your coin profits in return. Why isn't something like this available for the storage of items? Why can't I, a person with more decorations than I honestly know what to do with, click on a single button to turn on a tool that will allow me to store all of my items as quickly as I could sell them?

It would only help Zynga in the long run if such a feature were added. Users would no longer have to click on each individual item and choose to store them, or drag them on top of a storage building one after another - they could rapid-fire clear out their land, offering them more incentive to change out decorations more often, since it wouldn't take them as long to do. In exchange, players might be more likely to purchase more decorations from the store (even those costing Farm Cash), if they didn't have to worry about the hassle of storing them all once that particular season or theme had passed.

While it seems like just a simple addition, this is one that we can only hope Zynga adds to the game sooner, rather than later.

Are there any features or game improvements you would like to see come to FarmVille, or any of your favorite Facebook games? Let us know in the comments.