FrontierVille Tips & Tricks: How to get a Syringe

frontierville syringe
Along with the release of the Doctor's Office in FrontierVille came a new problem on the Homestead, that being that one of the items required to complete the accompanying Prairie Pox quests - the Syringe - is nigh impossible to find in the game!

As we told you upon release, the Syringe is a collection item available in the Doctor's Office collection that can be received either by collecting the Daily Bonus from the Doctor's Office, or received as you whack the building's frame during construction. Both of these instances seem to require an extreme amount of luck, as a massive thread (15 pages and growing) has appeared on the FrontierVille forums of users asking the same question - where are all of the Syringes?

This wouldn't be such a large issue if the Syringe wasn't required to complete one of the Praire Pox quests, but since it is, we've seen that FrontierVille players have started coming up with some nice suggestions as to how to better increase your chance of receiving a Syringe on your homestead, without waiting for one to appear once per day for however long you'd need to collect the Daily Bonus.

Meet us behind the break for those two solutions.A quick note about the strategy below - this is an entirely voluntary procedure - there's no guarantee that you'll receive the Syringe before running out of Wood, Energy/food items, Coins or patience. Attempt at your own risk!

The first of these methods seems to be the most reliable, but it will require a lot of coins, wood, energy, time, and most importantly - patience. You'll need to delete your Doctor's Office - yes, that item that you spent so much time collecting materials for - and then reconstruct its frame all over again. Through this, you'll be able to whack the frame eight times per construction, giving you eight chances of receiving a Syringe. If you don't, and the frame has once again been constructed, simply choose the Sell tool from the main menu, and then delete the Doctor's Office frame from your land. You will receive no coins in return, so now you can see how expensive a process this can turn into.

How quickly you'll happen upon a Syringe using this method is anyone's guess. Some users on the FrontierVille forums have reported receiving a Syringe on just their second Doctor's Office, while others (myself included) have built the frame over 80 times and still have yet to receive a Syringe. What you will likely receive, though, are tons of the other four items in the Doctor's Office collection, leaving your inventory to look like this:

Before you tackle this, know that you will have to start from scratch on the required building materials to complete the Doctor's Office construction - the Painkillers, Masks, etc.

For those that would rather not spend hours or days whacking and deleting Doctor's Office frames, some users have also been having some luck receiving Syringes from Care Packages - those items that will supposedly give you anything you need in the game for a quest (there are some limits to the items you can receive, making this one a bit shaky). This is an even more rare situation as a result, so we'd suggest saving this as a last resort.

If neither of these techniques work for you, you can always place the Syringe on your in-game Wish List, hoping that a neighbor has an extra to share, or simply purchase the Syringe for Horsehoes (of course, as many users have pointed out, that might be exactly what Zynga wants).

One final solution would be to simply wait it out - as with most things in FrontierVille, with enough negative fan feedback, Zynga normally changes the spawn rate of these hard-to-come-by items, and it's only presumable that they will do the same here. When, though, is anyone's guess.

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Did you receive a Syringe on your very first try, or did you have to resort to one of the above methods to receive one on your Homestead? Let us know your thoughts on items like the Syringe in the comments.
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