FarmVille Valentine's Countdown Day 12: Dogwood Tree and Purple Cow

Day 12 Valentine's Countdown
Why are there two items in today's edition of the FarmVille Valentine's Countdown, you ask? Because it's the 12th and last day, silly. Today marks the end of a long journey filled with simple prizes, few of which have anything to do with Valentine's Day, which has been through for a week now. Today's prize is the Dogwood Tree decoration, but for completing the entire countdown a Purple Cow is yours.
Purple Cow
This regal-colored, heart-laden bovine would fit nicely with your green UFO Cow. Just click on the heart icon on your game screen and then the "Ask/Share" button. After someone gifts you a Dogwood Tree, you'll also receive the Purple Cow along with the option to share one with your friends. Finally, we can move on from the most divisive holiday of the year and to one that everyone (oddly enough) can celebrate: St. Patrick's Day! (One can dream, right?)

[Source and Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

Did you complete the Valentine's Countdown? Aside from the Purple Cow, what was your favorite prize? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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