FarmVille Sneak Peek: Leprechaun House building project menu


Last week, we brought you a sneak peek of an unreleased treehouse in FarmVille that fits into the upcoming St. Patrick's Day theme. Thanks to a new unreleased image, though, we've learned that this Treehouse is apparently called the Leprechaun House, as you can see above.

Interestingly, this preview of the building's menu seems to only represent four of the five stages of growth that we spotted last week (if the green dot at the far left represents the starter frame we'll likely receive for free). Could Zynga be deciding whether or not to scrap one of the four upgrade stages to help us start collecting items (presumably Gold for this year's Pot of Gold) more quickly? Additionally, in this image, there is room for a fourth building item, other than the three that we're used to - those being the Wooden Boards, Nails, and Bricks. Depending on whether or not this image is a place-holder, we may need a fourth ingredient to build the Leprechaun's House. Our guess would be Watering Cans, but that's totally up in the air at this point.

We'll make sure to let you know all of the details about this new Leprechaun house as soon as we know more, so keep checking back.

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In the meantime, share your speculations on this new item with us in the comments. How many building stages will it have? What is the mystery fourth ingredient? Let us know what you think!