FarmVille Scam Alert: Beware Falabella Foal News Feed Posts

Falabella Foal Scam
If this recent surge in FarmVille scam artists doesn't take weekends, why would they rest on President's Day? FarmVille Freak has found yet another scam popping up in players' News Feeds. This time, promises of a free Falabella Foal have been made, but all that's behind them is a whole lot of malware. However, the scammers have done quite a job at covering their tracks.

There are no typos to be found in the initial post. Yet, clicking on the offer leads to a page titled "FarmVille Bonus." If you've gotten this far, do not click any further. There is no free Falabella Foal, and remember to be careful when clicking on FarmVille News Feed offers. If you've fallen victim to a FarmVille scam, be sure to scan your computer for malware and to change your Facebook password. FarmVille Freak warns that associating yourself with scams could result in your account being suspended by Zynga. And since there doesn't seem to be an end to this increase in FarmVille scams, we'll be all over them.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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