FarmVille Mystery Game 02/20/11: Mini animals for everyone


As we've been showing you over the past few days, Zynga has been hard at work on some new animals for FarmVille, some of which we thought would be released as part of the limited edition Fairy Tale theme of items, but actually turn out to be those new items in this week's Mystery Game.

This week's entire Mystery Game is miniature animal-themed, with six new animals available to earn through this game, that aren't available to earn anywhere else. A single dart costs 20 Farm Cash, up from the normal 16 Farm Cash price. This week's contents are:

Panda Cow
Babydoll Sheep
Teacup Pig
Falabella Horse
Fennec Fox
Sand Cat

As you can see, both a Cow and Horse are represented in this week's offerings, and you know what that means - a new Calf and Foal are now available in the game as well, in the form of a Panda Calf and a Falabella Foal. Of course, you'll only be able to receive both of these babies from wall posts of friends that have the adults and then bred them via their respective animal buildings, but at least this does give you a way to get your hands on at least a small portion of this Mystery Game for yourself.

This week's Mystery Game will be active for exactly that - a week, before the contents will be updated yet again, and we may never see these animals again. Make sure to take advantage of this week's selection while it's still available.

Which of these animals would you most like to receive from this week's Mystery Game, or do you like them both equally? Let us know in the comments.