FarmVille Fairy Tale Trees: Golden Apple, Giant Golden Apple, and Big Caramel Apple Trees


I hope you like Apple Trees, as three trees offering the fruit are the only new trees to be found in tonight's FarmVille update. Just like in the initial introduction of the Fairy Tale theme, these trees don't really seem to absolutely scream "fairy tale" to us, but I suppose they can be accepted into the theme based on the fact that, well, caramel-covered apples simply don't grow on trees, and fairy tales are set in a land of make-believe.

That connection aside, your three new tree choices are the Golden Apple Tree, the Giant Golden Apple Tree, and the Big Caramel Apple Tree. The regular Golden Apple Tree costs 5 Farm Cash, while the Giant Golden Apple and Big Caramel Trees cost 10 Farm Cash each. Of course, you can always purchase a Golden Apple Tree and then spawn a giant version from a Mystery Seedling and save the 10 Farm Cash as well. Additionally, if you picked up a Caramel Apple I tree, either in its first release at Halloween, or just today, you can also save another 10 Farm Cash by allowing it to spawn a Big Caramel Apple Mystery Seedling in your orchard.

Regardless of how you add them to your farm, all three of these trees share the same, now basic, tree stats - they are available to harvest every two days, you'll gain 150 coins when harvesting each, and you'll gain just 15 experience points as a bonus for purchasing them.

This trio of trees will be available in the game for the next two weeks, so make sure to purchase at least the level 1 Golden Apple Tree within that time frame to ensure that you have a chance at the Giant Golden Apple Tree even long after this theme has expired from the store.

What do you think of these so-called "Fairy Tale" trees? Which kinds of trees would better fit the theme? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.