Disney, Stay Away From Our Newborns

The sales pitch is always opportunistic, yes? And no time in my life was I more susceptible than when the rush of mothering hormones flowed over me in the first few months of my pregnancy and then, again, when I came home from the hospital. Everyone was beloved, and if they were selling something for my baby, they were welcomed into the warmth of my maternity with all the love my wallet could spare. Is pushing into my post-birth recovery room, going too far?

Disney says no. The pre-preschool market is, for the company, three years of lost revenue. Sure: by the time your little girl is four, she'll be asking for a Sleeping Beauty or Tinkerbell™-branded Halloween costume. Your three-year-old little boy will be sleeping in Buzz Lightyear™ sheets; all of your lunchboxes belong to Disney™!

But what to do before then, when you're more about diaper rash and cradle cap than about Belle and Buzz? Savvy marketing company Our365, which sells photography packages and hands out freebies in the maternity wards of 580 U.S. hospitals, is helping Disney go that extra mile and snag your brand loyalty before you're even out of the maternity ward.