Which is more important, FarmVille or the Oscars?

You may remember that Zynga have been encouraging players to attend real life meetups on February 27th to meet other FarmVille players who live in their area. Now some observant players on the FarmVille forums have noted that this is the exact same day as the Academy Awards.

While each meetup has the ability to schedule their time individually, meaning they could have morning meetups, some of the meetups are already planned for the evening time. Some players are a bit undecided on whether they should stay home and watch the Oscars, or attend the meetup in their area. Not to mention, Sunday night is one of FarmVille's update nights.

We're not sure this was the best decision by Zynga, to pick the same date as the biggest awards show for movies. It could have also been intentional - a way to get players to be thinking about FarmVille on February 27th instead of thinking of the Oscars.

Will you be attending a FarmVille meetup, watching the Oscars, both, or neither? Tell us in the comments!
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