FarmVille Valentine's Countdown Day 10: Flax Plant

FarmVille Flax Plant
The 10th item in FarmVille's 12 Day Valentine's Day Countdown has been released, and it is a Flax Plant. Flax Plants are known for their seeds which are used in many nutritional supplements and essential oils. The FarmVille version is a green stemmed and purple flowered plant that is used as decoration and not a crop.

To get your Flax Plant, open up the Valentine's Day Countdown screen by clicking on the cupid heart with an arrow along the right side of your game screen. Then, click on the "Ask/Share" button beneath the Flax Plant. This will post a message to your wall asking your friends to click and send you a plant, and when they click they will get a plant for themselves. Sharing is definitely caring, after all! There are two more items available in the 12 day countdown, and if you collect them all you will unlock a special prize as well.

Have you been collecting all the items in the Valentine's Collection or are you skipping out on this one?
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