Cafe World No Clean Fairy and No Spoil Genie back again!


A quick note to Cafe World players - if you're tired of cleaning stoves, or having all of your food spoil before you can remember to come back to it, you now have a chance to once again have the No Clean Fairy and the No Spoil Genie in your cafes, as both of these items are now available for a limited time.

Unfortunately, you'll need to have a lot of Cafe Cash on hand to add these items, if you missed out on their first release in the game. A fully completed No Clean Fairy will set you back 140 Cafe Cash, while a fully built No Spoil Genie costs more, at 210 Cafe Cash. At the current exchange rate for Cafe Cash in the game (which is 40% off for a limited time), that's a price of around $15 US for the No Clean Fairy, and a price of around $22.50 for the No Spoil Genie.

It should be noted that the No Spoil Genie is 50 Cafe Cash more expensive now than when it was re-released for one-day-only back in September.

Are these items worth it? Check out our guides to the No Clean Fairy and to the No Spoil Genie to see if they're the right item for you. They're mighty convenient to have around, sure, but whether or not they're worth the cost will be up to you.

Let us know if you plan on taking advantage of this re-release in the comments.