FarmVille Valentine's Countdown Day 9: Fancy Topiary

FarmVille Fancy Topiary
FarmVille Fancy Topiary

Today is Day 9 of the 12 Day FarmVille Valentine's Countdown, so with that comes the latest giftable reward for everyone to collect. The Fancy Topiary is a bonsai type of tree in a pot that you can get just by asking your friends for the collectible item (or from helping your friends). We're not sure what it has to do with Valentine's Day, but hey - who's checking up on these things?

To get the new Fancy Topiary, click on the heart icon along the right side of your farm. You will then see the "Ask/Share" button below the Fancy Topiary that lets you ask for just that one item. All of the previous items in the 12 day collection are no longer available to ask from your friends for free, they will cost you 2 Farm Cash each. You can also get the Fancy Topiary by clicking on the newsfeeds that your friends are posting asking for their own Fancy Topiaries.

There are only three more days left in this collection, and Valentine's Day is long over. What do you hope to see next?