FarmVille Sneak Peek: Unreleased Panda Cow and Calf

FarmVille Panda Cow and Calf
FarmVille Panda Cow and Calf

Moooove over brown cows, a new heifer is making her way onto a farm near you (that is, we hope so!). The FarmVille Panda Cow and Panda Calf were leaked out onto the web today despite not actually making an appearance in game. The Panda Cow is a rare and genetically mutated breed of miniature cow that can sell for around $25,000. There are only around 25 of them in the world.

With the Panda Cow and the tiny Falabella Pony both coming around at the same time, we can't help but wonder if a rare and miniature theme is coming along soon. Both of these animals are miniature versions of the real thing, are rare, and are expensive. No one would say no to having a field full of miniature animals though, so we're sure they will be well-received within FarmVille.

As always, there is no guarantee these animals will end up in the game - but we have fair reason to believe that they will.

Do you hope there is a miniature animal theme, or do you like your animals large and in charge?