FarmVille Sneak Peek: Unreleased Falabella Horse and Foal

FarmVille Falabella Horse and Foal
FarmVille Falabella Horse and Foal

We have another top secret unreleased FarmVille item to share with you all today, that is, if you don't tell anyone. The Falabella Horse and the Falabella Foal are two adorable white and black spotted horses that are most likely going to prance into your game sometime in the near future.

The Falabella Horse is actually a miniature breed of horse, and is the smallest breed in the world. They can only be ridden by very small children, but are used to pull little carts. They are quite rare, with only a few thousand alive in the world. We're sure they'll make a welcome addition to any farm, and we hope they're itty-bitty just like the real life version of the horse breed. Don't confuse these with a pony though, just because they're small does not mean they're a pony.

We can't necessarily guarantee you'll see the Falabella Horse in FarmVille, but we're willing to place our bets on it.

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