FarmVille Sneak Peek: Pot of Gold returning for 2011?

Thanks to a new set of unreleased images, it appears as though the Pot of Gold collection feature in FarmVille will be returning this year as part of the game's St. Patrick's Day celebration. While we have already seen the release of the Wishing Well, it's looking more and more like this might be a one-off building, not related to the Pot of Gold and Tree House that we also believe will be launching in the coming days / weeks.

Here you can see the four known stages of the Pot of Gold's progression for this year. It looks like there might be room for a fifth stage, in between three and four, as it makes a very large jump in complexity and size, but only time will tell at this point. We believe that the upcoming Tree House will allow you to collect gold everyday to place into the Pot of Gold, just as the Cupid's Castle allowed you to collect Valentines for the Valentine Mailbox.

What the prizes will be inside this Pot of Gold remain to be seen, but we'll make sure to give you all of the details about this Pot of Gold should it officially launch in the game (perhaps as early as this weekend), so keep checking back.

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What do you think of this year's Pot of Gold? What sorts of prizes do you hope await inside? Let us know in the comments.