FarmVille Greenhouse, now featuring leaderboards

FarmVille Greenhouse Leaderboards
The FarmVille Greenhouse was received a minor update today with the addition of a leaderboard. This new leaderboard allows you to show off how many Greenhouse crops you have harvested, and of course, check out how your friends are doing. You can access the new leaderboard simply by clicking on the "Leaderboard" button in the top right of the header when you look inside your greenhouse. You will then see an ordered list of your friends so that you can find out who your competition is.

Some players really enjoy and are motivated by leaderboard type features, and other players can get quite fed up with the competitive nature of leaderboards. For me personally, I don't play social games to compete with other people - I just like to casually enjoy working on my own tasks at hand. I can definitely understand how competing with friends can be a major driver for in-game interaction and engagement though, so it makes sense from Zynga's perspective to add this type of feature.

What do you think? Yay or nay to competitive leaderboards within your social games?
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