What Your Spring Break Destination Says About You

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It's that time of year again when college students across the U.S. put away their books, pack up their suitcases and pull out their parents' credit cards to book a trip to a popular beach destination for spring break. Lasting memories will be made, high blood alcohol levels will be achieved and inside jokes involving encounters with hapless hotel desk attendants will be repeated ad nauseum on the plane ride home and throughout the remainder of the semester.

But did you know that your choice of a spring break destination actually reveals a lot about your personality? Read on to see what the place you visit says about you (or lord help you, your student).

Daytona Beach– Back in the day, when MTV actually played music and Vanilla Ice was a one-hit wonder, not the host of his own home improvement show, Daytona was the hottest place to be in the month of March. Since then, the city has declared a crack-down of sorts on the debauchery but there's still a wild, if less crowded, scene. If you choose Daytona, you're probably a classic party-minded fraternity brother or sorority sister. While this location may seem passé to some, you're not worried – with a spray tan to rival the cast members of "Jersey Shore," you're DFW (down for whatever).

Your spring break theme song: "We R Who We R" by Ke$ha
What's in your suitcase: Case of sugar-free Red Bull, condoms
Travelling companion: Some chick who looks like JWOWW – wait, it is JWOWW!
What you tell your parents: "But Daddy, they offered me a free t-shirt!"

Panama City Spring Break

Bob Therina, Flickr

Panama City– After MTV brought a slew of celebs to town in 2009, Panama City, FL (pictured) has become the hot spot for spring breakers. If you're headed down here, it means you're the all-American college student – what you lack in originality you make up for with energy, enthusiasm and the ability to hold liquids in parts of your anatomy not normally used as drinking receptacles. So what if you drew the short straw and have to sleep in the bathtub of the one room you and nine of your friends are renting at the Super-8? You'll still have the time of your life.

Your spring break theme song: "The Time (Dirty Bit)" by Black Eyed Peas
What's in your suitcase: Beer funnel and the phone number of your brother-in-law (aka your attorney)
Travelling companion: That weird quiet guy who lives down the hall – he's good for gas money
What you tell your parents: "Yes, Mom, Lil Wayne has been incarcerated but we're in luuvvv!"

Pensacola – If you're headed to the westernmost city in the Florida Panhandle, known for its naval aviation, then all signs point to the fact that although you may look like a mild-mannered coed on the outside, underneath you're actually quite the little freak (in a good way). You don't need to go to the most popular place to have a good time because you bring the mayhem wherever you go. The fact that you chose a city with a big military influence shows that you party down in an orderly fashion. Now drop and give us 20 since you're bound to be entering a "hot body contest."

Your spring break theme song: "Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)" by Pitbull Featuring T-Pain
What's in your suitcase: Protein bars for energy, military fatigues
Travelling companion: The amusing yet pungent hitchhiker you picked up on Rte. 10
What you tell your parents: "No, sir, there's no party going on, that's the TV! I'm studying for midterms."

Orlando – So what if they don't do body shots in the Magic Kingdom? If you're traveling to Orlando with your pals it simply means that you're a clean-cut coed who knows how to have a good time. Yeah, maybe the only chick in a bikini you'll see will be at Ariel's Grotto, but let's face it, Orlando – and Disney – can be a blast, especially with a big group of your friends. You can eat turkey legs, ride Space Mountain as many times as you want and repeat the Haunted Mansion speech verbatim. Just be sure you shake things up a little bit (but remember, we can't be responsible for what happens if you actually do flash people on the monorail).

Your spring break theme song: "The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room" by animatronic birds
What's in your suitcase: Mouse ears, cat o' nine tails
Travelling companion: Your best friend from high school
What you tell your parents: "What happens on the merry-go-round stays on the merry-go-round."

South Padre Island – Students are flocking in droves to this spring break destination in Southern Texas along the Gulf Coast. If you opt to spend a week here, it means you're a down-home party animal who does things up big. Spring break Texas-style is bound to include lots of crazy contests you can enter at your own risk. This is a place where the Jell-O shots are slippery, the vibe is friendly and the t-shirts are never dry.

Your spring break theme song: "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry
What's in your suitcase: Clean underwear and a water gun
Travelling companion: Your really good-looking roommate
What you tell your parents: "You know how I promised I wouldn't cross the border into Mexico...well, funny story..."

Lake Havasu Spring Break

Sandy & Co., Flickr

Lake Havasu – If you're a sun-worshiping, adventure-seeking college student, you've probably got your ticket booked to Lake Havasu, AZ (pictured) – and with good reason. The crowd here is mellow, but they're also up for getting really physical. That could mean anything from para-sailing and jet-skiing to grinding it out on the dance floor. Lake Havasu spring breakers are notorious for taking pictures of their body parts so make sure yours are adequately toned and tanned before you leave. Otherwise, you may be faced with the harsh photographic evidence on Facebook upon your return to campus!

Your spring break theme song: "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga
What's in your suitcase: Flip camera and baby oil
Travelling companion: Your friend's "cool mom" who insisted on coming
What you tell your parents: "I love you guys!"

Myrtle Beach – Known for its golfing and great nightclubs, Myrtle Beach, SC is the "it" destination for posh college students from near and far. You may be preppy by day, but when the sun sets down here, you're sure to shed the polo shirt for a tight tank top and run amok. Even the most tightly-wound coeds will get a little bit of sand on their toned tushies before this trip is through!

Your spring break theme song: "Never Say Never" by Justin Bieber featuring Jaden Smith
What's in your suitcase: Borat bikini sling
Travelling companion: The hot TA you've been crushing on
What you tell your parents: "Law school was your dream, not mine!"

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